Turinabol is a powerful drug whose main active ingredient is 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone-AC, which is produced by different pharmaceutical companies under different trade names. It is considered to be one of the best selling drugs in the world which is used in cycles to increase muscle mass.

Drug history

It was first created in 1965 by German scientists, Jenapharm GmbH & Co., who developed a tool specifically for the needs of members of the Olympic team competing in the weightlifting category. For decades, the drug has not lost its relevance and is popular with weightlifters and bodybuilders as well as other representatives of sports disciplines. Thanks to this drug, German athletes achieved the best results during competitions. Anyone who practices professional sports is forced to buy Turinabol, because compared to other drugs with a similar composition, it completely eliminates estrogen aromatization, which means that it does not cause side effects such as gynecomastia in men and fluid retention in the body. Turinabol does not have potent androgenic qualities, so even women can use it without fear of virilizing effect, subject to proper doses.

Mechanism of action and effect.

Mechanism of action and effect

Due to its low androgenic activity – 50% testosterone, as well as a pronounced anabolic effect – 180%, the drug is used in mass classes. In addition, it has perfectly shown its effectiveness in dry periods and creates beautiful relief muscles. Turinabol alone or in combination with other drugs provides an equally good effect that attracts athletes. The steroid has a lasting effect after entering the body. The active substance is able to build dry, well-defined and dense muscles, at the right level it increases the athlete’s strength. An important advantage of the tool is its rapid degradation period. Many professional athletes recommend buying testosterone for turinabol, for a more pronounced effect.

There are several reasons to buy Turinabol:

  • no water accumulation. Therefore, mass gain is strong muscle;
  • no need for post-cycle therapy (as the substance does not aromatize);
  • short action (about a day). Thus, the result is noticeable almost immediately after training. As a general rule, it is recommended to take the drug twice a day;
  • the drug practically does not suppress the production of natural testosterone (the normal function of the glands is restored within a week after the end of treatment with steroids);
  • a sharp increase in sexual libido. This applies not only to men but also to women.

Use and dosage

Both beginners and professionals can buy Turinabol Ukraine for personal use as the drug is one of the safest and easiest.

The course lasts 6 weeks and the optimal dose for beginners is 40 mg daily, divided into two equal doses. The pyramid use method is not recommended. For experienced athletes, the dose is 40 to 70 mg per day. This dose allows you to achieve a good increase in mass and strength.

For women, the daily dose should not exceed 5-10 mg.

Side effects

туринаболSide effects

Side effects can be observed when taking any drug without exception. Before buying Turinabol in Ukraine, you should be aware of the possible negative manifestations when using a steroid.

Most often seen:

  • rash and oily skin;
  • Development of cardiovascular disease;
  • testicular atrophy;
  • Decreased stimulation of testosterone by the body;
  • Impact on the liver;
  • Dysection.

Most of these side effects are temporary and go away quickly when the dose is reduced or MDT is stopped.